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Bailey LaRue

Art comes from the soul

OMG! I love my painting! This company is extremely creative. I sent a picture of my shower curtain as inspiration and the painting matched beautifully. They are fast, creative, and chic!

Bianca Edwards

If you’re looking for an original piece that will compliment any decor order yourself a Bailey laRue custom piece!!!  They listened to my ideas and even made suggestions to bring the piece to life.  It was just the addition I needed to complete the look I desired. Do yourself a favor and order today! The work is professional and it arrived to my home quickly without any problems. 100% satisfied and I can’t wait to order another.

Túere Nucklos

I inquired Bailey LaRue Customs for 2 accent pieces for my main living room piece made by another artist. I showed Bailey the piece and she was able to create artwork that matched the color scheme of the main piece. She even helped make sure the sizing for the accent pieces would look good with the other piece. They look so beautiful in my living room! Ordering was simple and Bailey made sure I was aware of all information in regards to shipping. I do plan on ordering from here again when I change the pieces in my living room. I HIGHLY recommend Bailey LaRue Customs!

Tiffany Bailey

Bailey LaRue Customs

Art is a form of self care